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November 26th, 2010

Stay at Home to Limit Spending Money

stay at home alone saving money

During the past two days weekend, since the weather is so hot and covered in heaviness clouds,?? it gives me the excuse to stay at home totally.?? I got the preparations in friday night, having brought enough vegetables, such as mushroom, tomatoes, potatoes….. casinos legislation was already drafted, even though the tax rate hasn’t been established, the 2007 study believed the state’s annual tax haul might be between €35m and €50m..just a small amount of money could feed me two days, a big saving, compared to the restarants, which is expensive and yet less nutritient.

I think two days at home could save a lot apart from the food cost, becase there was no shopping in the malls, no new clothes into the wardrob, no new hairstyle, no some cosmetic sample bought under the sweet talks by the sales……

Everyone is restricting their spending of money recently, rich or poor.

I find at home quite cosy and free too. I made tomato soup for sunday, and pepper fry mushroom, fry potatoes on saturday. I got my cooking skill practiced too in the two days at home.


November 26th, 2010

Love Story Though a Blind Date

casino .jpg”>blind date love story

Is your love story begins with a blind date? Now in big cities, the blind date phenomenon is quite common. Here are some other notable Webby Award Winners:Best Social Game QuizUpBest Use of Mobile VineBest User Experience, Best Visual Design: Function MediumBest Entertainment Channel VimeoBest Business Blog MashableBest Travel Website, Best Travel App AirbnbBest Community Website, Best Social Application TumblrWebby Breakout of the Year KickstarterWebby Athlete of the Year: The Jamaican Bobsled Team (crowdfunded trip to Sochi)Best Viral Video Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Worst Twerk Fail EVER: Girl Catches Fire PrankBest Music (Film and Video) Arcade Fires Just a ReflektorBest use of Interactive Video (Both Webby and Peoples Voice Award) Pharrell Williamss 24 Hours of HappyBest Viral Marketing, Best Online Commercial, Best Branded Entertainment Short Form The Epic Split with Jean-Claude Van DammeBest Comedy: Long form or series (Both Webby and Peoples Voice Award) Funny or Dies Between two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: bieber You can read the full list of 2014 Webby Award winners here first thing Monday morning.. There is crowds of men and women around 30’s who are anxious to find their another half but hard to find a way.

We are busy circulating between home and work place and hardly meet anyone. So entering a blind date organized by parents or online chatting or formal marriage organization seem to their only choice.

I don’t know the success chance of blind date, I think I would feel awkward when facing a totally strange guy and sometimes trying to escape from a guy since the first impression of him made you know that he is definietly not the type for you.

But manybe there is one time you are meeing the right guy, got love in one sight.

November 17th, 2010

Green Land Discovery

green land

It’s one summer afternoon, the sun is not so fierce as they walking under tree shadows. The soil become the yellow color that fit quite well to the whole atmosphere.

The children are playing so happy in this green land and they are discovering something, like some small insects or cute dogs raised by surrouding families. Illinois private dmv drivers ed are certified by the secretary of state.. casino online .

A great place to talk a walk after sunshine when you get your stomach full. I like this place very much, the trees are smelling so good.

November 17th, 2010

She Found Herself a Nice Spot to Read

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Well, it totally worth it to dress up like this unusual way to go there and pretend that she is reading, all to complete this amazing photo.

This is just looking like a fairy tale world, the trees is amazingly beautiful and cute.

such a romantic mood!
this scene reminds me a bit Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, when she falls asleep while reading :-)

Look like you’re in a Jane Austin novel, representing the sensibility of things :)

November 17th, 2010

The Beauty of Gray

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November 16th, 2010

Chihuahua Dressed as a Pig

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November 16th, 2010

Blue Jeans Just Been Right

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November 16th, 2010

Fashion Dress Show on the Railway Doctor on July 1st, 2013.. by providing $500 off recovery services..jpg” alt=”dress on the railway” width=”469″ height=”515″ />

The whole lighting and color is amazing, railway always act as a very wonderful place for photo taking, and it conveys some feeling of Nostalgia or classic.

The coloring is dreamlike and?? love the sunset in the background–but the best part is the relaxed smile on this beautiful lady’s face.

The smile is perfect on this one, the dress is chosen just for adding the magic.

In my place, i got such railway place too, where all the surrounding fercilities is old yet full of nostalgia feeling. I shall take some photos from there when I got time in the future.

August 10th, 2010

How to Tie a Square Silk Scarf

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August 10th, 2010

The Scarf Make a Difference

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August 10th, 2010

My Mom Was Acting Crazy Dressing Me Up

machines a sous ravira tout amateur du” alt=”mom dressing me up” width=”400″ height=”553″ />

The sun is shining……silver glittery flats with a giant jewel on the toe-walmart; socks with horses running on them-gap
4 layer slip (poofy) tjmaxx
striped jersey dress- gap outlet troutdale
white zip cardigan with sequins- the childrens place
on Rachael Kay
red flats-now! from norstrom rack
navy sailor front mini with a cute tie in the back-jcrew
white wife beater-jcrew
short grey jacket-banana republic outlet san marcus tx
orange purse aka “the pumpkin” made by maxx of new york aquired from zappos
white obnoxious sunglasses-maurices
yellow pow beeads- old lady thrift store

We got the greatest shoes in the world. Little miss sunshine…. Venus in horoscope capricorn is distant and her affectivity is structured, protected and sometimes inflexible.. casino online …. casino …like the movie, this picture makes me laugh out loud!!

August 10th, 2010

Traditional China Eco Straw Hat

roulette casino (europeisches oder amerikanisches) und all diese Spiele in verschiedenen Atmospheren attraktiven Gestaltungen..jpg” alt=”Traditional China Eco Straw Hat” width=”636″ height=”404″ />

Straw hat is so popular among in Fuzhou city, China. One thing about these hats it that they blow out like crazy with the sun. So I was lucky to get a dull depressing day, somehow…

Great composition, sharp focus! Beautiful light! If you are going to have a gloomy day it’s nice to find a subject that works well in this light!

To the young people of China, these hats may seem so folk and not fashionable at all, but they are so eco friendly since they are made of straw.

August 10th, 2010

Portrait of an Morning Sleepy Wearing

casino online .info/”>online casino and Zynga Plus Poker”>casino online .com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/dress-pattern.jpg” alt=”dress pattern” width=”385″ height=”507″ />

This dress seems to have a really random pattern. i’ve come to the conclusion that i wear a lot of brown. Do i look sleepy? because i am. casino .

It seems like a mess, i maybe need something to get exciting. The yellow boot give me spirits, the dress pattern got some history, but it looks not bad, if with good collaration.

I love this project and I love that I am now apart of it!

August 10th, 2010

Nothing To Wear to Work

Sometimes it’s just so hard to figure out what to wear to work.

nothing to wear

I particularly love that patterned box. I should store some pretty boxes in the bottom of my closet. Cool framing. and i bet you can imagine with all the cool duds i got in there it must be a trial every time for me!

This casual moments in the morning been captured and turns out great and sexy. The capture is sexy because they are beautiful. The framing is nice, brings alot to the sensuality, one wants to see more…. That leaves buyers with two choices: pay cash or apply for a construction superintendent jobs loan..but no, that’s not possible! :-)

August 10th, 2010

What Do You Wear Today

So dress up nicely everyday would give yourself a happy mood to start a brand new day.

libra weekly horoscope and endows you with sweetness and refinement, it is easy for you to charm everyone with your kindness and your”>restore data as Big Data. casino online” alt=”what i wear today” width=”392″ height=”515″ />

I like those shorts, makes me happy about summer on the way :) The black native handbag is something that light the whole me up, making me special. Hver gjetting oker multiplikatoren – noe som kan bli opp til 175x den totale innsatsen!Sa, er du klar? Racing for Pinks venter pa deg for a starte lopet og jakte etter Jackpotten!The post Online spilleautomater moter gatelop i Racing for Pinks appeared first on Nettcasino Norge.. Well, it’s eco too.

Red ballerinas is cute and eye-catching, that looks shining in the summer sunshine.

Happy walking and cute design of myself.

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